And whatsoever you do, in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by Him.

Col 3:17

Good friends, family, and fellow Workout Partners.   

'Over-training' or doing too much of a seemingly good thing makes training  a bad thing and we don't want our training to be a bad thing.

''Wear-and-Tear' on the joints, tendons, and muscle tissue are a very 'Bad Thing' so we must be careful with the volume we approach our training and repeated sessions.  Take the 'Active Rest Day' seriously; you need it to receive proper recovery to allow you to continue to achieve gains in strength, size, speed, and efficiency.

'Metabolic Efficiency'  All training, cardiovascular, aerobic, anaerobic, strength, endurance, you name it, occurs in the cell.  The cell is the critical juncture of all processes in training adaptations.  Overtraining adversely effects the function of the cell so much so that training gains are lost and the anthesis, losing strength and stamina become the order of the day.  You must rest and recover to make gains in your training.  Too much is exactly that; too much.

The brain tells the body what it needs to perform a task:: the number of muscle fibers required, when to add more, and when more are needed. The brain directs how much oxygen, glycogen, and heart rate necessary to carry these to and from the muscles. When you overtrain, the brain calls for more but there is no more left.  Instead of getting stronger you get weaker and eventually sick.

The brain doesn't care if your running all out for 90 seconds or lifting a heavy load for 90 seconds it is focused on supplying muscle tissue with all available resources to make it happen.  Brain and muscle respond basically the same to either stimuli.  All-Out is All-Out!

​All-Out requires healing time: i.e. REST

Research has shown that TUT (Time Under Tension-the longer a muscle is stressed under a load) is a key factor in muscle strength, size, and endurance.  The primary protocol to all three components is FAILURE>

FAILURE:  Means that the muscle fibers being utilized to move a load are exhausted and cannot perform another rep.  Simplistically; you want to move a 100 pound load.  That load requires 200 fibers to move it. You have 300 available.  As you move the load muscle fibers are depleted of their energy.  After several repetitions your 300 fibers has dwindled to 200. You are able to move the load but. . . eventually you will not have enough fibers to move the 100 pound load. Your brain calls for more fibers but there are no more available to perform the work.  FAILURE!

This FAILURE causes the muscles to build in size, endurance, and strength for the next time you call on it to do the work.  When the muscles are taken to failure, it takes a much longer time for the muscle tissue to heal and to recover.  Without sufficient rest, the hoped for adaptations, muscle hypertrophy and strength, are lost and you are overtraining.

With this in mind you will note that we are attempting to work less volume (Fewer Reps), greater intensity (Heaver Loads), with rest-recovery protocols longer (Greater rest periods before initiating a fatigued muscle group). 

We have not abandoned the traditional CrossFit protocol or random modalities but altered the repetitive nature of the protocol for more frequent intensity WOD's vs volume training.

For a complete guide to this philosophy see: "BODY BY SCIENCE" by Doug McGuff, M.D. and John Little

The samson Option will continue to provide our customary and challenging WOD's for us traditionalist but. . .   I encourage all of you to take time to read this book.  It is well worth the effort and you will gain insight into the functioning and manipulation of muscle.

As a 67 year old trainee, the results of this training modality is phenomenal and very productive.  I have seen strength improvement week in and week out without the traditional joint and tendon issues associated with us old farts.