1/2 Side to Side-Laying on your back, hands supporting the torso at the sides, knees bent at 90 degrees and pointed toward the ceiling-feet parallel with the knees.  Lower the knees (tight together) to the right as close to the floor as possible without lifting the shoulders from the floor.  Return to the starting position and repeat to the left.=1 rep  Note: Keep the feet level with the knees, don't let them drop below the knees.

Ab Core-Any combination of abdominal exercises done consecutively without rest.  Includes but not limited to:  Sit Ups, Weighted Sit Ups, Side Ups, Leg Levers, 'V' Sits, GHD Sit Ups, Cross Overs, etc.

-As Fast As Possile.

AMRAP-As Many Reps as Possible / As Many Rounds As Possible: One will apply to the particular protocol

Around-The-World-Follow the same protocol as 'Wiper' but after lowering the legs to the right side continue the movement by circling the legs 6" off the floor to the left side of the body and then up to the start position. Repeat in reverse direction and back to the start for 1 Rep.

BB/BARBELL COMPLEX-Barbell Complex is composed of the following for Rx Rounds. Do each lift one time repeating for 7 sets equaling one round. Dead Lift, High Pull, Power Clean, Front Squat, Push Press, Back Squat, Push Press.

BEAR COMPLEX-Bear Complex is composed of the following for 5 Rounds.  Do each lift once to complete the circuit of 5 lifts in succession.  Repeat 7 times for each round.

  • 1-Power Clean; 1-Front Squat; 1-Push Press; 1-Back Squat; 1-Push Press x 7 equals 1 Round

Behind Neck Pull Up-Wide grip Pull Up position: Perform a Pull Up touching the back of the neck and trapezius muscle to the bar.  Return to full Dead Hang position.  One REP.

BP-Bench Press

BS-Back Squat

BW-Body Weight


3 Rounds of 21-15-9

Dumbbell @ 25-50  Barbell @ 95-135

1 Dead Lift; 1 Bent Row; 1 Burpee Drop w/BB or DB’s; 1 Push Up on BB/DB’s; Jump to Feet; 1 Clean and Jerk; 1 FS or OHS equals 1 Rep

Rx rounds to be completed in an unbroken chain (Do Not [Try Not to] set the BB/DB down until you complete all components in the Rx round.  This will be a gut check kids)

CATERPILLAR-Walkout's followed by the feet walking up to the hands as opposed to the hands back to the feet.  1 Rep: Stand upright place hands on the floor, walk hands out to a plank position-hold and walk the feet up to the hands, stand. 

CFWU-CrossFit Warm Up


CPU/Clock Push Up-Using the feet as a center point of the clock, place your hands, plank position at 12 o'clock, and do a push up.  Keeping the feet as the apex of the clock, walk the hands to 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock, 9 o'clock, and 12 o'clock performing a push up at each hour mark. Return counter clockwise.

  • Master clock-12 @ 12, 3 @ 3, 6 @ 6, 9 @ 9, and 12 @ 12 

CJ-Clean and Jerk

C2-Rowing Machine

AB CROSS OVERS-AbCore exercise; Laying flat on the deck facing up, hands behind the head (being careful not to pull on the neck), feet elevated 6" off the floor, shoulders approximately 6" off the floor, sit up bringing the Left Knee to the Right Elbow.  Lower the body back to the starting position and sit up bringing the Right Knee to the Left Elbow: One Rep

  • Alternate crossing the body over while keeping the feet and shoulders off the deck. 

CAP-Note the (Number-Time) in parenthesis. 

This is what I refer to as a “CAP”.  That means that as an athlete you will either complete the Rx (prescription) as outlined: i.e. Reps and exercises Rx’d or finish the component in the “CAP” time allowed.  

“CAP” is a time restriction that prevents you from working too long on any component.  “CAP’s” are established for Novice to Intermediate Trainees therefore you will want to work hard to finish within that time element.  Advanced and Elite Trainee’s should beat the “CAP” in each component of the WOD.  The“SKILL” component is the exception.  This module is designed for you to master the skill Rx.  

Do “SKILL” components with deliberate and purposeful movements!

DAISY'S-6 Burpees, 6 Pull Ups, 6 Toes to Bar, 6 Plyo (Clapping) Push Ups, 6 Kettlebell Swings @ 1.5 Pood

DBC-Dumbbell Complex: Dumbbell Complex is composed of 5 DB exercises with a 6 rep target for each.  6 Dead Lift High Pulls; 6 Power Cleans; 6 Power Clean and Press; 6 Snatch; 6 Overhead Squats. This equals ONE round.

  • The components can be done with 1 or 2 DB's i.e. Splits: 6 reps of 1 component on the right side and then 6 on the left.  This is repeated through the 5 components of the Complex. 
    • Doubles: 6 reps of each component with a DB in each hand. 

DL-Dead Lift 

DONKEY KICK-Begin in a standing position as you would for a Burpee.  Drop both hands to the floor and kick both feet up and back to approximately a 45 Degree angle off the floor.  Return both feet to the floor in a standing position. One Rep

DU-Double Under's: Jump Rope double spin of the rope for each jump.

FC/FARMER'S CARRY-The farmer's carry is an event seen in  strongman competitions. The Farmer's Carry tests grip, agility in movement with varying loads, upper back and leg strength.

FK-Flutter Kick: Usually done on a 4 Count.

FROG COMPLEX-Barbell from the floor: Squat Clean, Thruster, Back Squat, Thruster from behind the neck, barbell back to start position.  6 Reps equals on round. 

FS- Front Squat

FT-For Time

FROM-Full Range of Motion


  • 1 Push Press @ .75 Body Weight
  • 2 Back Squats @ 1.5 Body Weight
  • 3 Bench Press @ 1.5 Body Weight
  • 4 Dead Lifts @ 1.5 Body Weight
  • 5 Power Cleans @ .75 Body Weight

GHD-Glute-Ham Developer

GHR(D)-Glute/Ham Raise (Developer) Posterior chain development, back extension

GHDSU (Sit UP)-Sit Up performed on the GHD Bench https://youtu.be/5NlVNTgIYLo

GPP-General Physical Preparedness; Fitness

GTG-Grease the Groove; Exercise protocol of sub-maximal exercises throughout the day

HSPU-Handstand Push Up; Kick up into a handstand (use wall or other device for balance if necessary), from a handstand lower body -nose to floor- and return to handstand

HSC-Hanging Squat Clean; Power Clean from the hang position receiving the bar in a full squat at the shoulder rack position

HURDLE HOP-Stand on one leg while lifting the other to the front, knee at waist level from the floor at 90 Degrees. (Standing leg and elevated leg knees and toes point forward.) Hold for a count of 10 and repeat with the other leg-one rep.


  • Stand on one leg while lifting the other to the side, knee at waist level from the floor at 90 Degrees. Point the toe and knee of the elevated leg out to the side while the standing leg toe and knee face forward. Hold for a count of 10 and repeat with the other leg-one rep.
  • Stand on one leg while lifting the other to the front and then back to the floor and then to the side as above. Bring the knee to waist level from the floor each rep. Do not hold the knee at hip level this time repeat with the other leg-one rep. 
    • If you are unable to balance without falling, use something to assist you while you develop the skill; it will come very quickly. 

HC-Hang Clean

HHC-High Hang Clean

HHS-High Hang Snatch

HOOK GRIP-https://youtu.be/4e47lyAbj6I

JIL-Jesus Is Lord

JJ's-Jumping Jacks: Stand upright with hands to the sides and feet inside the hip line.  Begin by jumping both feet out to the sides outside the hip line.  At the same time lift the hands and arms from the sides to a clapping position over the head.  Return to the starting position; this completes one repetition. 


KBS-Kettlebell Swing 


‘Lion's Den’ Samson’s Option for a Burpee to end all Burpee’s. 

Begin standing as you would to execute a Burpee.  Drop to the floor in one move kicking the feet back to a plank position. Perform a Push Up.  Keeping hands in contact with the floor jump with both feet as close to the right hand as possible then back to the plank and do a Push Up.  Keeping hands in contact with the floor, jump with both feet as close to the left hand as possible then back to the plank and do a Push Up. Keeping hands in contact with the floor, jump toward the hands splitting the feet, right foot to right hand and left foot to left then back to the plank and do a Push Up.  Jump back to the standing position: ONE REP!

MBB-MedBall Burpee

MBSU/MedBall Sit Up-Perform a Sit Up while holding a medicine ball over your head and pointed at the ceiling. A variation is using one hand only alternating each rep. 

1 HAND MEDBALL SIT UP-Holding the MedBall in one hand, arm extended toward the ceiling, perform a Sit Up keeping the ball elevated and pointing toward the ceiling through the full range of motion both up and down.  Equals one rep. Similar to a Turkish Get Up without the standing element.

4CMC-Mountain Climbers: Usually done in a four count progression. 4CMC requires four flutter kicks for each rep.

MBB/MEDBALL BURPEE-With a Medicine Ball in hand, perform a Burpee with a Push Up.  Jump to a full squat position, ball at the chest and perform a MedBall Toss at a 10' target-One Rep. 

MetCon/MC-Metabolic Conditioning Workout

MILLSTONE PUSH UP-With your feet as the center of a clock, place both hands on a MedBall.  Begin at 12 o'clock; do a Push Up, chest to ball.  Keeping your hands on the MedBall roll the ball to 3 o'clock feet remaining in the center not moving.  Do Push Ups at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o'clock.    Return 12, 9, 6, 3, and 12; equals one round. One round equals 10 Push Ups.

MP-Military Press

MU-Muscle Up

NFT-Not for Time

OH-Over Head 

OHS-Overhead Squat

OHWL/OVERHEAD WALKING LUNGE-Olympic bar or other weighted object held overhead while performing a walking lunge.

OWU/OLYMPIC WARM UP-Three Reps each of: Dead Lift; Dead Lift Shrug; Dead Lift High Pull; Power Clean; Front Squat; Push Jerk; Back Squat; Snatch Grip Push Jerk; Overhead Squat.  45 / 65 lbs. 

PC-Power Clean

2 Point Plank Push Up-From a Plank (Push Up) position lower the body to the bottom point of a strict  Push Up; chest, chin, navel, to the ground, back straight, and elbows breaking 90.  Press Up maintaining a strict  Push Up position but just before the completed extension (Arms locked), lift the right/left hand and left/right foot off the ground.  Hold for a count of 3.  Replace hands and feet to plank and repeat the process alternating opposite hand and foot points. 

“Peep Hole” Squats

From a standing position hold an Olympic 10-25 pound plate with both arms fully extended directly in front of the chest at eye level; peep through the hole.  Perform a full squat, hamstring to calf, and return to a full standing position.  Keep the spine tight, hips forward, and chest up. Maintain a full extension of the arms level with the eyes looking through the hole for the duration of the exercise.

PP-Push Press

PR-Personal Record

PT-Physical Training 

Pd-Pood; Weight Measure for Kettlebell-(1 Pood= Approx. 16.33 kg or 36.11 Pounds; 1.5 Pood=24.5 kg or 54 Pounds; 2 Pood=Approx. 32.66 kg or 72 Pounds) 

PSN-Power Snatch

PLU-Pull Up

PU-Push Up

R&R-Rest and Recovery 

Rep-Repetition; One count of an exercise

RJ-Regular Jump; Jump Rope with a single turn of the rope for each jump.

RM-Repetition Max

ROM-Range of Motion

Round-One series of prescribed work within the WOD.

Rx/Rx'd as Rx'd- As prescribed, as written, WOD as per prescription without deviation

SAMSON BURPEE-Perform 1 rep Power Clean, drop immediately for a Burpee (back far enough from the bar to perform a Burpee safely).  From the completed Burpee, jump over the bar and perform another Power Clean, followed by a Burpee; jump back over the bar to the starting position. One Rep 

SAMSON COMPLEX-6 reps of each equals one round: Snatch Grip-Dead Lift, High Pull, Muscle Snatch, Snatch Balance, Overhead Squat

SAMSON PULL UP-From a Dead Hang position on a Pull Up Bar, hands outside the shoulder line, perform a Pull Up so that the lower portion of the neck is level with the bar.  Hold that position while moving the head and body to the right hand and back to the middle. Repeat this same motion to the left and back to the center.  One Rep

SAMSON PUSH UP: Begin in an 'UP' Plank Position; Arms Locked, Hands under the shoulders.  Lower the torso to the 'Bottom' position of the plank (Like a regular Push Up), arms bent with the chest at the floor, explode up from the floor extending the hands and feet as wide as possible to the sides and perform a Push Up from this extended position.  From the Extended 'Down' Position, explode up from the floor and return to the 'UP' Plank Position, hands under the shoulder.  

  • Equals one rep 


SAMSON BURPEE: Begin in the standing position of a Burpee.  Drop to a plank and perform a Push Up, jump both feet to the right hand and back to plank, Push Up.  Jump both feet to the left hand and back to plank, Push Up.  Jump right foot to right hand and left foot to left hand and back to plank, Push Up.  Jump to the standing position and perform a “Jump Knee Tuck”.

SAMSON SHUFFLE: With any deck of playing cards. . .

Separate all the Face Cards including the Jokers from the Deck.  You should have 18 cards, 4 Kings, 4 Queens, 4 Jacks, 4 Aces, and 2 Jokers.  Shuffle these 18 cards and place them in a stack separated from the Number Cards.  Take the remaining cards (Number Cards) and shuffle them well.  Place the Number Cards in a stack next to the Face Cards. You decide what each Face Card represents. All the remaining cards represent the number of reps for each exercise dictated by the Face Cards.

Place the Face Cards and Number Cards on the floor or grass in the center of your workout area 

(Any open area approximately 50-60 feet wide so you can run or shuffle back and forth.  If you don’t have a large area you can jump rope for 60 seconds, perform 20-25 double unders, row 150 meters, execute 30-40 jumping jacks, standing row 15-20 Sumo Dead Lift High Pulls with 45-75#’s, or run in place for 60 seconds.  The idea is to be active between each of the components). 

Begin the WOD by completing the activity you chose to perform between the card draws. Continue the activity until you have completed a 30-60 second activity.  Turn a Face Card over to see which exercise you are going to perform and then turn a Number Card over to find the reps you will be performing.  Complete the exercise with the Rx number of reps.  Repeat the activity circuit again returning to the cards. Turn another Face Card and Number Card to find out what you are doing next.  Continue this protocol until you have turned over all of the face cards. Reshuffle the Face Cards and continue the protocol until you have exhausted either the Number Cards or yourself.  I usually cap this at 30 Minutes

Face Card Suggestions:  

Kings=Dive Bomber Push Ups, Push Ups, Side-to-Side PU’s, Punching PU’s

Queens=Burpee’s, 4 Count Mountain Climber, MedBall Toss, Box Jumps, Split Jumps

Jacks=Air Squats, Overhead Squats, Single Leg Squats, Jump Knee Tuck, Drop Squats

Aces=All of your choice exercises for each Face Card; Kings, Queens, and Jack

Jokers-2X the number drawn on the number card and all face card exercises

​Side Hoping Single Leg Burpee

Standing erect to the left of a towel or other soft object (that you will not trip over) lift the right knee above the hip and hop over the object landing on the right foot.  Perform a Single Leg Burpee landing on the right leg.  Hop over the object left lifting the left knee above the hip landing on the left foot. Perform a single leg Burpee. Jump 'Double' Knee Tuck to complete 1 rep.

“Spider” Crossover Sit Ups

In Supine position on the floor (on your back) spread the arms and legs wide apart  with the lower back the only contact with the floor.  Sit up crossing over the body with the right hand to the left toe while lifting the left toe to meet the hand over the center of the body. Repeat opposite sides for reps.

SUPER-SAMSON-Begin in an 'UP' Plank Position; Arms Locked, Hands under the shoulders.  Lower the torso to the 'Bottom' position of the plank (Like a regular Push Up), arms bent with the chest at the floor, explode up from the floor extending the hands over the head and feet together off the floor (Like you're Superman).  Get the hands back and under to shoulders for a smooth landing.  Note: you may want to try this with a soft matt under your chin for the first few reps.  JUST A SUGGESTION!

SAMSON'S LADDER-Set cones or markers at 10 Meter/Yard increments for 100 Meters.

  • Begin at the start point with 1 Push Up and 1 Sit Up.  Sprint to the first cone and repeat 1 Push Up and 1 Sit Up.  Sprint back to the start and add 1 Push Up and 1 Sit Up; 2 PU's and 2 SU's.  Sprint to the second marker and repeat; 2 PU's and 2 SU's.  Follow this protocol to the 100 Meter mark adding 1 PU and 1 SU at each marker.  I.E. 3 @ the 3rd marker and start, 4 @ the 4th marker and start. . . 10 @ the 10th marker and start. 
    • Equals 1100 Meters, 110 Push Ups, 110 Sit Ups, and 110 Get Ups.

SDLHP-Sumo Dead Lift High Pull

Set-Number of repetitions in a group or Round

SS/Side-to-Side-Laying on your back, hands supporting the torso at the sides, toes pointed toward the ceiling, lower the feet (tight together) to the right as close to the floor as possible without lifting the shoulders from the floor.  Return to the starting position and repeat to the left.=1 rep  Note: Keep the feet and knees together.

SOP-Standard Operating Procedure

SST-Sport Specific Training 

SPP-Specific Physical Preparedness; Skill training

Split Jumps-From a lunge position, right or left leg forward, trail leg back, spring up from the lunge, switch feet positions and land in the lunge position opposite leg forward and back.

Squat Jacks-A variation of the Jumping Jack.  From the squatting position, Feet together, Arms at the sides, stay low with the legs bent at 90 Degrees and perform a Jumping Jack.  Do not rise up to the standing position.  The entire exercise is performed from the squatting position. YBF 


SNB-Snatch Balance

SO-Samson Option

SOFIT-Samson Option Fitness

SS-Starting Strength

SUB-Substitution for an exercise call out

Tabata-High Intensity Interval Training: Tabata Method is 20 Seconds intense activity followed by a 10 Second rest.  Protocol is repeated for 4 Minutes or 8 Rounds.

TGU-Turkish Get Up:See @ https://youtu.be/711sW_sFCp8

T-Rolls-From a plank push up position, perform a push up.  At the top of the push up, returning to the starting position, lift one hand off the floor and roll over to the side pointing the hand toward the ceiling while maintaining the plank position.  Return to the starting position and repeat for the other side=1 Rep. 

TTB-Toes to Bar See @ https://youtu.be/kNkD88K7t0Y

'TURKISH' GET UP: https://youtu.be/711sW_sFCp8

'V' Sit:
Lay on your back hands to the sides.  Lift the legs and the shoulders off the ground at the same time keeping the legs straight, together, and toes pointed forming a 'V' with the upper and lower body.  You may extend the hands from the shoulders to the side to assist balance.  Tailbone is the only body-part touching the ground or mat.  Hold for 10 Seconds. 1 Rep

WIPERS-With legs straight, toes pointed to the ceiling and pulled toward the head just above the navel line of the abs, back and shoulders flat to the floor, lower the legs to the right as far as possible without the shoulders coming off the floor.  Raise the legs back to the start position and repeat to the left; one rep. Action is similar to a wiper blade on a windshield. 

WJRRRS-Walk, Jog, Run, Row, Ride or Swim


WOD-Workout of the Day

YBF-You'll Be Fine


And whatsoever you do, in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by Him.

Col 3:17